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Transun Travel Nortel Case Study


Based in west London with over 30 staff, Transun Travel is one of the UK's leading independent tour operators and has developed a reputation over twenty years for delivering quality holidays to the Far East. Efficient telephone communication with its customers is an essential part of its day-to-day operation.

Replacing an 'end of life' system

Jonathan Mayuyo, MD at Transun, was concerned that his organisation's telephone system and telephone answering procedures were inefficient. The existing Nortel Norstar Modular with its obsolete Call Centre system could not expand to meet the needs of the company and replacement parts were also becoming more difficult to source. Mayuyo wanted to overhaul the system. He began to look for a replacement.

Business Challenge

To improve the customer experience while increasing the productivity of staff.

Mayuyo viewed a demonstration of Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM), an advanced IP-based telephone system for small to medium-sized organisations. He was so impressed that he immediately authorised the purchase. Transun disposed of its 'end of life' system and installed the BCM solution; switchover from the old system to the new BCM was completely seamless and they able to use their existing telephone handsets.

"Phones started to ring immediately," says Mayuyo. "It gave us all quite a shock, even though that's what we expected," he quips. "1st Communications, the Nortel Networks partner that performed the installation, was fantastic. The nature of our business meant we needed a number of special features. The BCM system could deliver everything we asked for and 1st Communications was eager to configure these features for us," he says.

Technical Challenge

To provide a reliable, cost effective, flexible and simple-to manage telephone system.

Improving Customer Contact

BCM had an immediate impact on the company's daily operations. A short menu facility automatically routes customer's calls to a dedicated line and queues the calls. Pre recorded messages let the caller know how many calls are ahead of them, interspersed with music. This leaves other staff to concentrate on general office duties and managing face-to-face enquiries.

Real time reporting lets the call centre manager see which agent is on a call and how many calls waiting in the queue, together with its comprehensive reporting capability shows call centre activity, traffic fluctuations, agent performance and work characteristics, usage of call centre resources, and overall system performance.

A range of direct dial (DDI) numbers enables customers to contact individual or groups of extensions by a unique number, rather than disturbing the receptionist by calling in on the general office number.

A wealth of useful features

BCM offers the company many new telephone-handset features. For example, The Voice Call feature on every handset can create a single buzz 'polite ringing', so that the manager in his office is not disturbed by the continuous ring of a traditional telephone," he says.

Any incoming call can also now be recorded directly into a CallPilot facility. This is useful if a member of staff receives an abusive call or one where the content might need to be discussed or validated at a later date.

A range of direct dial (DDI) numbers enables customers to contact individual or groups of extensions by a unique number, rather than disturbing the receptionist by calling in on the general office number.

Improving the timing and quality of information

Transun now has a voicemail capability that enables staff to receive first-hand information rather than having to rely on written messages. At the same time, staff can now see at a glance, from their Calling Line ID display, whether a call is internal or external and respond appropriately.

The managers can also use the in-built Do Not Disturb (DND) feature when in meetings or requiring private time. Users can see this DND status from their individual handset display. They can also see which extensions are already in use from this display, thus avoiding frustrating interruptions to existing phone conversations.

Positive feedback from customers

Jonathan Mayuyo says "Above all, we were seeking to dramatically improve the quality of the customer experience and make communication easier and more efficient for everyone concerned. The quality of service to customers has been vastly improved since installing BCM. We've received positive feedback from our customers since switching to the new system.

"The Nortel Networks solution has also given us a lever to change the way we work by enabling us to direct all incoming calls to particular phones. On top of this, I would say that the cost-to-benefit ratio of the new system far exceeds that of any other solution we considered," Jonathan Mayuyo concludes.

Solution Summary

Installing Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM) has enabled Transun to improve the management and performance of telephone communication with customers. This has helped them to enhance the quality of its customer care and improve staff productivity and job satisfaction.

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