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The Voicemaster Call Recording Solution

Voicemaster is a multi-channel voice/audio recording software solution designed for simultaneous voice/audio recording from multiple sources.

Voicemaster call recording systems are used in every-day, heavy-duty, high-demand environments. The PC-based solution is found where reliability and low-cost maintenance are priorities such as call centre's, government agencies, public safety, financial, education and other industries throughout the UK.

Organisations rely on the Voisemaster Call Recording Solution for field-proven services and products.

Proven Functionality

With years of experience in the voice logging industry, Voicemaster has a list of powerful features and benefits that have met all recording requirements. Features include such items as live monitoring, search and playback, instant recall, remote access LAN/WAN, storage and archiving, quality control management, reports, compressed file management, emailing, alarms and so much more.

Product Lines

The Voicemaster Call Recording kit is the most cost effective solution on the market. It allows you to build your own logging system after being installed and configured on any commercially available PC. In addition, you can choose from a list of preconfigured recording turnkey systems such as mini-tower or mid-tower PC, industrial rack mount, or portable system with built-in monitor, keyboard and mouse. All kits provide the same power and functionality as the turnkey systems.

Voicemaster Grows with your Business

Whether you have analog lines, T1/PRI/E1/BRI/ISDN, PBX, telephone system, radio, microphone, or any audio input needed to be recorded, Voicemaster will easily integrate with your system using the latest technology from a variety of our logging product lines. We will help you meet the demands of change as your operation grows and expectations increase. You can scale-up and expand your voice recording operation easily and quickly, which will help keep your Voicemaster solution in operation for a very long time and improve your return on investment a great deal.

Industry Applications

Voicemaster solutions offers you voice logging products that fit like a glove in any industry such as call centers, government agencies, public safety, financial, education and many others. Whether it is for quality control or security purposes, your recording requirements will be met. The Voicemaster product has been installed internationally and praised by many such as: NASA, Lockheed Martin, the US Airforce, the Canadian Department of Defense, the Welsh Police, Care Ambulance, Foreline Security, Visa International, Rolex, Cingular Wireless, RG Ford Insurance Group and many others.

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