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Voicemaster Call Recording Features and Benefits

  • Improved continuous, daily, or on-demand archiving.
  • Quality control test for training of agents (user defined).
  • Improved reports such as total calls, average calls, agent's training score, busiest time with most calls, individual agent versus group reports, etc. by hour/day/week/month.
  • Email recording as wave attachment.
  • Filters of caller ID, dialed numbers, session ID, agents and notes.
  • Rotating seats management.
  • Integrate with MySQL database.
  • Security checksum for recording tampering proof.
  • Recording analogue telephone and audio (radio, microphone, etc.) lines.
  • Recording digital PBX extensions.
  • Recording ISDN T1/E1/PRI/BRI line.
  • Multiple activation options: Loop On/Off, VOX, PBX events, or manual recording.
  • Total of 256 channels per system.
  • Real-time monitoring and playback.
  • Instant recall while live monitoring.
  • 3 compression rate options for quality logging format (29, 14, or 6 MB/Hr).
  • Converting recording to WAVE format.
  • Support of the third party playback tools (Windows media, CoolEdit, etc.).
  • Saving multiple copies of the recording to hard-drive(s), network drive, or ftp.
  • Automatic archiving to DVD+RW, CD-RW, network, USB, etc..
  • Audio and visual alarms.
  • Recording schedule.
  • Recordings have time and date stamp.
  • Capture of caller id, dialed numbers, DID, ANI/ALI, and SMDR.
  • Manual notes to recordings for easier search.
  • Remote search capabilities by channel, extensions, agent, date/time, notes, caller id, dialed numbers, DID, ANI/ALI, and SMDR info.
  • Unlimited remote access licensing at no additional fees (client program).
  • Remote access with full or limited user's permissions.
  • English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Turkish and Russian dynamically selected user interface..
  • API for control of the recording from the external programs.

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