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LG Ericsson WIT 400H WiFi IP Telephone

The LG Ericsson WIT 400H WiFi Telephone offers the latest technology combined with modern design, allowing you to connect to the LG Ericsson systems over specified Wireless Access Points.

Using a network of WiFi standard access point, the LG Ericsson IPECS WIT-400H wireless LAN phone has access to all IPECS Telephony functionality while on the move. Users have access to the same set of communications tools and features enabling mobility where coverage is provided.

The LG Ericsson WIT 400H implements an IEEE standard 802.11b/g wireless interface, WEP/WPA/WPA2 for wireless security and supports Web browsing on the 2" TFT color LCD.

The LG Ericsson WIT 400H WiFi Telephone is best suited for road warriors, home office users, field workers and warehouse managers.

LG Ericsson WIT 400H WiFi IP Telephone

LG Ericsson WIT 400H WiFi IP Telephone Features

  • 2" TFT color LCD.
  • Backlit.
  • 802.11b/g compatible.
  • WEP/WPA/WPA2 Security.
  • Web browser for public hot spot log in.
  • PTT.
  • Stanby time 60hrs.
  • Talk time 3hrs

This LG Ericsson WIT 400H WiFi IP Telephone comes with a full warranty.

If you would like to purchase or discuss the LG Ericsson WIT 400H WiFi IP Telephone in greater detail then please contact us as we will only be too happy to help.

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