BT Versatility 2+8 Digital Telephone System

BT Versatility 2+8 Digital Telephone System

The BT Versatility 2+8 Digital telephone system is ideal for small to medium businesses and because it is a modular system, it can easily grow as your requirements change.

The BT Versatility 2+8 Digital comes pre configured as 2 line 8 extension Telephone system, but can be expanded to a maximum of 8 lines and 32 extensions in increments of 2 lines or 8 extensions.

In addition, the BT Versatility 2+8 Digital Telephone System is capable of having a voicemail feature added, as well as internet and hospitality features should they be required.

The BT Versatility:

  • Can grow from 8 extensions to 32, and connect up to 8 telephone lines.
  • Can accommodate Direct Dialing In (DDI) and can improve call routing and enhance call management by providing more numbers that can be dialed into the organisation than there are lines.
  • Has an impressive range of smart, practical feature phones, plus a powerful, easy-to-use expansion console.
  • Has more than 50 different call handling features. The BT Versatility allows an organisation to have a different set working on each of the phones in your business.
  • Allows for voicemail, making missed calls a thing of the past and enabling your business to stay open long after the office is closed.
  • With the inclusion of ISDN will introduce an extra level of sophistication with digital features such as calling line identity and networked call routing.
  • Has an integrated helpdesk facility that makes it easy for the smallest of businesses or branches to implement customer relationship management services such as customer care, technical support, telesales, order taking and reservation lines.
  • Can be attached with an Internet Module that transforms BT Versatility into a sophisticated e-business tool, smart enough to manage all your business communications. Everyone can enjoy ‘always on’ internet access at broadband speed.
  • Has a specialised hospitality module which makes the BT Versatility the perfect answer for guest houses, small hotels, accountants, agencies or any other organisation that needs to bill individual clients.
  • Keeps business moving even when there’s no mains power. The digital system includes one hour’s battery backup. Should you need more, BT has a range of uninterruptible power supply units providing up to four hours standby.