Big Business Features & Applications, SMB Price

Minimised Total Cost of Ownership

The LG Ericsson IPECS employs IP to let you deploy a single network infrastructure and modular components to lower your capital expenditure (CAPEX). Managing a single infrastructure, employing modular components to expand your system, simple implementation for remote offices and traveling workers, enhanced productivity applications and advanced network management services all allow your business to lower your operating expenses (OPEX).

All the Telephony Features you would expect, and more

The LG Ericsson IPECS Telephone System delivers all the functionality of a traditional PBX and more with features to simplify your business operations and improve your productivity. The uncompromising design assures you of the highest reliability and convenience for your business communications.

Application Platform

The LG Ericsson IPECS Telephone System AIM (Application Interface Messaging) technology combines industry standard TAPI with advanced information and control capabilities. This allows you to choose from a variety of 3rd party developer applications from LG Ericsson partners or select from a host of business-ready applications directly from LG Ericsson including softphones, PC Attendant, Network Management, Unified Communications, Unified Messaging and more.

Conferencing Capabilities

Meetings are easy, secure and productive with LG Ericsson IPECS Telephone System conferencing. The easy-to-use functionality allows parties to establish a multi-party voice conference up to 32 parties. The conferencing options give you the ability to create virtual conference rooms, conference group call or conduct ad hoc conferences.


Survivability is a major benefit that the LG Ericsson IPECS Telephone System brings to your business. You are provided with both active and standard call server duplication system redundancy, local survivability and power redundancy.

Added Flexibility and Ease of Use

Centralised Management

The LG Ericsson comes with a built-in system web admin, easy to use graphical user interface, multiple level ID management, zone based device management and station user administration.

Distributed Architecture

The LG Ericsson Telephone System has a remote device connection gateway, toll bypass with system LCR, modular type gateways (PRI, BRI, Analog CO, IP trunk, SLT, DKT, DECT, MCIM, VMIM, RSGM) and flexible mounting options.

Native Remote Solution

Thanks to the native IP structure, you can deploy your LG Ericsson IPECS Telephone System with remote offices and nomadic employees. Branch offices and traveling employees can connect to from anywhere where there is an IP network and you can link as many as 250 systems in a single common communications network.

Powerful System Functions

The LG Ericsson IPECS telephone system comes with powerful system functions such as build in ACD, fixed line SMS, hot desking, individual call routing and automatic call recording. In addition, it has built-in voicemail, multi-language auto attendant, email notification of voicemail and more.

Mobility options

Keep employees accessible and connected whether they are in the office, nearby or on the road. The LG Ericsson IPECS Telephone System has a full suite of mobility options to choose from so that you can be contacted on one number.

Expansion Made Easy

Grows as your Business Grows

Select the LG Ericsson IPECS call server that best fits the size of you business from 20 to 1000 users. Then select the modular gateway component interfaces to address your needs. As your business grows and changes, the modular architecture lets you expand and change your LG Ericsson IPECS Telephone System by adding new modules to your network.

Session lnitiation Protocol (SIP)

The LG Ericsson IPECS Telephone System comes with a SIP trunk interface making it interoperable with major soft switches.

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