1st Communications Network Services

    Business Lines and Calls can save moneyon your current lines and calls bill, whilst improving line quality and efficiency within your business. 1st Comms can supply your standard telephone line for small businesses or multi lines with multiple channels for large businesses, all whilst providing implementation support and keeping your lines and call costs low.   1st Comms is committed to delivering cost-effective call rates without compromising the quality to your business. We do this by profiling your call usage and looking at your current supplier package to determine the best possible business call alternative.   As well as having the ability to design, install, and support complex voice solutions for your mission critical needs, 1st Comms can offer cost-effective, simple, good quality voice services over IP or traditional ISDN.      

LOw cost call routing

  Telephony and Data Connectivity are key parts of the day-to-day operation of your business. Managing multiple land line, SIP trunking, mobile and broadband bills from multiple service providers along with support cover for faults can be a hassle and incur un-necessary cost outlays and lost time. 1st Comms aim to simplify this task with our lines and minutes service, which offers a best value solution that is tailored to meet your business’s differing needs in the following ways:    

Telephony Services:

  • PSTN
  • ISDN
  • SIP Trunk Provision
  • Complete Telephone System
  • VOIP Cloud Solutions
  • Web Based Billing
  • High Speed Broadband
  • Per Second Billing
  • Web Interface
  • Online Fault system
  • Local Rate Numbers
  • Number Retention
  • Call Recording
  • Call Monitoring
  • Softphone apps

Voice over IP (VoIP) 

Allows normal calls to be made over IP networks, such as the Internet, your local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN) as opposed to traditional telephony (TDM).
 The increased functionality can be significant by integrating your voice and data into a single infrastructure and can deliver other benefits including:
  • Reduce your line rental costs
  • Installation costs can be less compared to analogue and ISDN lines
  • Easy to add more phones lines as your business grows
  • Easy to integrate home workers into your organisation
  • Allows your business to be flexible and adapt quickly to the constant changing business environment
It’s important if you are considering a VoIP solution that it is correctly deployed. Poor implementation can lead to poor call quality, lost calls and even intermittent loss of telephony altogether. 1st Comms can help advise and implement a successful VoIP solution, whilst enjoying the flexibility and rich features of a fully populated PBX System, including Voice Mail, Call Forward, Auto Attendant and Out of Office Response. The quality of IP telephone calls is dependent upon the latency, packet loss and jitter of the network. Ideally, the IP network needs to be Quality of Service enabled to ensure good quality telephone calls. 1st Comms can assist with the planning, design and provision of IP networks suitable for voice calls.    

No Line Installation Charge

With VOIP there is no line install. As long as you have a Business broadband with a static IP Address we can attached the VOIP line direct to that. All done remotely and pain free.    

Instant Line Installation

Why go VoIP? Well why not go VoIP? with instant line activation and free calls between sites, reduced line rental and the option to use any telephone number including UK landline, 0345, 0371 and even international numbers.    

Choose your own Number

Whether you are a new business or are expanding your business and opening additional sites, your telephone number is very important. Why not try and make it memorable by choosing direct from a list of available numbers – we can register it for you while you wait.    

Fault Diagnostics

1st Communications has direct access to Openreach’s fault diagnostic system and the engineer’s schedules, enabling us to offer line testing while you wait and appointment times to suit you, where possible.    

Auxiliary Services

In addition to standard line installations we offer a variety of auxiliary services including, but not limited to;
  • Caller Display – Identifies incoming calls by telephone number, or even by name if your telephone system allows it.
  • Call Divert – Disaster recovery; in the event of line faults or other emergencies, all numbers can be diverted at exchange level to any number, including mobiles.
  • DDI’s – or Direct Dial Inwards – offering all staff their unique telephone number without having to have an excessive number of physical lines.
  • Remote Call Forwarding – In the event of a move, it is no longer necessary to lose your much loved telephone number, you can now take it anywhere.
Traditional telephone lines are still a core communication medium and have a vital role to play alongside other technologies, such as mobile and VoIP/SIP. Below are the services we can provide your business:    
Analogue Phone Lines
Analogue Lines are available as either a single or multi-line product depending on the number of concurrent calls needed on a single phone number. All analogue lines are provided with Care Level 2 as standard but can have Care Level 3 or 4 added if being used for a high dependency service. Single analogue lines are often used to deliver Broadband service such as ADSL or the faster Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) Broadband service.
ISDN2 Phone Lines
Even in its simplest 2-channel configuration a single Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN2e) line can integrate all the communications requirements of small office and home-based businesses at the desktop – computer, phone, fax and internet access. ISDN2e System has a minimum of 2 channels and can have additional Channels in multiples of 2 up to a maximum of 60 channels. Users can also take advantage of a number of very powerful value add features. Direct Dialling In (DDI), for example, allows them to give each extension user their own number for people to call, without going through an operator. ISDN2e can be used:
  • For simultaneous voice and data communications (e.g. voice and file transfer).
  • For videoconferencing.
  • As an alternative to a private circuit, as it offers guaranteed data throughput.
  • For resilience (i.e. as a back-up to private circuits).
ISDN30 Phone Lines
ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) channels are, in effect, digital exchange lines. They allow the digital transmission of voice and data over ordinary copper telephone wires, bringing better voice quality and quicker data transfer speeds. ISDN30 comes in two variants; ISDN30e (the ‘e’ stands for European Telecommunications Standards Institute or ETSI signalling system), and ISDN30 DASS (Digital Access Signalling System). Usually better suited to medium or large business customers, ISDN30 enables you to handle a minimum of 8 voice calls concurrently. It provides access and support calls, including calls over the networks of other communications providers. ISDN30 can be used for:
  • Secure, dedicated, high-bandwidth connectivity similar to a private circuit service.
  • Resilience options to keep customers’ connected.
  • Take advantage of flexible number configurations helping manage customers’ calls efficiently
  • Access to a full range of calling and network features.
  • Common signalling standards enabling private circuits to be extended.
  • Transmit voice, data, text and applications such as video-telephony all in one circuit, to help improve efficiency.
1st Communications provide a wide range of business-class ADSL services for the SME market, for both offices and remote workers. The importance of high quality Broadband to the business market is at the centre of our offering. All services will use  Next Generation Network coupled with BT Wholesale’s next generation access network and will deliver asymmetric connections to the internet over end-user telephone lines, which will include Fibre (FTTC), Annex M and IP Stream services.    
A service for offices with up to 10 users, also suitable for home workers or single users. Offering speeds of “up to 24Mbps” downstream and “up to 1.3Mbps” upstream. Speeds are location dependent.
Annex M
A service for offices with up to 10 users, also suitable for home workers or single users. Annex M is a technology that offers a boost to the upstream speed (of up to 1Mbps) in return it can take up to 15% off the downstream speed. This type of product suits users who want to utilize the upstream for Calls using VoIP or to upload amounts of data. Offering speeds of “up to 24Mbps” downstream and “up to 2.5Mbps” upstream. Speeds are location dependent.
FTTC 40:10
High-speed broadband offering a service for offices with up to 20 users, also suitable for home workers or single users. Offering speeds of “up to 40Mbps” downstream and “up to 10Mbps” upstream. Speeds are location dependent.
FTTC 80:20
High-speed broadband offering a service for offices with up to 20 users, also suitable for home workers or single users. Offering speeds of “up to 80Mbps” downstream and “up to 20Mbps” upstream. Speeds are location dependent. Note: All of the above products are rate adaptive and will provide the best possible speed that a business telephone line will support.
IP Telephony Products
If you require ADSL access for IP Telephony then the choice of services include Converged or Assured products, both product types offer service SLA’s and are provided with a managed Cisco router. These services have been designed specifically to connect customers via a dedicated access line that delivers guaranteed bandwidth and assured levels of service, around call quality, service availability and time to repair.
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