Nortel BCM Keycodes

Nortel BCM phone system keycodes are used to unlock features already installed within the base Nortel BCM phone system. These keycodes are a set of numbers and letters used to unlock voicemail boxes, the built-in call center, BCM unified messaging etc.

When we sell and install a Nortel BCM Telephone System, Nortel provides us with authorisation codes for each of the features you need and purchased. We, as Nortel Authorised Solutions providers, dial into the Nortel system, enter your unique system ID number and the authorisation codes. The system then returns one or more Keycodes corresponding to each authorisation code. These Keycodes are entered into your Nortel BCM Telephone System and the features are enabled.

When upgrading your system, as long as you use a Nortel Authorised Dealer, you can upgrade to higher versions and have the dealer transfer the legitimate Keycodes to the newer release.

We at 1st Communications also have access to the Nortel Keycode Retrieval System should that be required.