Nortel Business Communication Manager 400 BCM 400 Telephone System

The Nortel Business Communications Manager 400 BCM400 Telephone System builds on the BCM 200 offering. You can increase the number of users with this model. Having the same features but more users. Nortel Business Communication Manager 400 BCM 400 Telephone System The BCM 400 delivers small/medium-sized businesses and branch offices the only converged voice/data solution in the industry, providing a choice of IP-enabled or pure-IP strategy. Leveraging existing Meridian, Norstar, and Communication Server 1000 investments, equally theĀ BCM has the capabilities businesses need including telephony, unified messaging, multimedia call center, interactive voice response, IP routing and data services such as firewall, wireless and more. As the Nortel Business Communication Manager 400 BCM 400 Telephone System can be also configured in many different ways, we suggest you contact us directly so that we can advise you on the best solution for your needs.

Some of the key features that the Nortel Business Communication Manager offers are:

  • Cost-effective Scalability Allows from 10 to 200+ users using mix of digital and IP stations.
  • Simplified Network Infrastructure Organisations can cut costs by connecting IP phones over the LAN wiring system. Seamlessly extending features to multiple sites through IP connectivity and streamlining network management. IP trunking enables a business to optimise network bandwidth and reduce network costs.
  • Redundancy Options There are a vast array of redundancy options including power, fans and hard-drive, automatically detect failures and switches over seamlessly without any loss of service. This optional feature provides protection where security and reliability are the key drivers to communications systems. In fact the redundancy is key to normal operation.
  • Browser-based Management This method of managing the Nortel BCM 400 system simplifies installations and provides an intuitive, wizards-based method of managing the network from any Web-enabled workstation.
  • Unparalleled Telephony Features The BCM 400 has one of the most complete telephony feature sets for small sites meaning that no business has to make compromises on how to process critical customer calls.
  • Full Suite of Applications The BCM400 provides a full suite of applications including voice messaging, unified messaging, interactive voice response, multimedia call center and wireless.
The Nortel Business Communication Manager 400 BCM 400 Telephone System features will allow your business to streamline costs in the long run. Therefore be more productive and better serve your customers.

These features easily allow for:

  • Working from Home Using virtual private network (VPN) technology and DSL lines, the BCM 400 enables you to have an extension with all the features of a standard extension remote from the office. More importantly
  • The Reduced need for a Receptionist to Answer Calls The BCM 400 has Auto attendant software built in allowing calls to be answered automatically and a message given. After all you will be able to transfer calls to a mailbox, mobile, outside number or other extension.
  • Combined Email, Voicemail and Fax The BCM 400 can combines Email, Voice Mail and Fax into a single Inbox, reducing training time as there is only one system to learn. Users can see all messages and prioritise them in order of importance.
  • Improved Productivity Therefore, Call Centre applications can help to increase revenues by increasing the numbers of calls handled. Reducing customer hold time and reducing abandoned calls. This is normally very expensive call centre software but it is built into the BCM 400.
  • Computer Integration Surprisingly the BCM 400 Computer Telephony integration (CTI) provides companies with the ability to turn their Personal Computers (PC) into powerful communications tools in combination with their data network and business Communications Manager.
  • Use of Existing Equipment As a matter of fact companies can extend the life of existing phones. Building on their existing investment thereby utilising Meridian Norstar desktop equipment. Thereby saving on the cost of new handsets and retraining users.