As a small business owner, partner or manager, your contributions have a direct impact on your organisation’s bottom line. Through hard work and passion, you have built your business and are determined to see it continue to succeed.

To help with this continued success, 1st Communications have a number of Nortel Solutions designed to take you and your organisation to the next level. We all know that attracting and retaining existing customers while maintaining a steady cash flow is critical to your success. With our solutions in place, you can appear bigger than you may be and therefore help attract much larger and more lucrative business contracts without having to overextend yourself.

Nortel has a policy of supporting all past technology as they build and upgrade their systems and solutions for the future, helping to ensure that the investments you make now will serve your business for many years to come.

With years of experience of understanding the needs of companies just like yours, 1st Communications is in the ideal position to help you.

1st Communications uses the following Nortel Business Solutions and Nortel Technical Solutions to provide a complete service to small businesses: