Tru Serenity MP3 MOH Player

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Tru Serenity MP3 MOH Player

Tru Serenity MP3 MOH Player is a true mp3 music on hold player for your telephone systems. This includes the following functions:


  • Music on hold player.
  • Digital solid-state operation.
  • Reliable ad-infinitum playing.
  • Automatic re-start after power failure.
  • 8ohm and 600ohm outputs.
  • Easy to use volume control.
  • Powerful audio output.
  • Uses regular SD (Secure Digital) memory cards.
  • SD supplied with pre-loaded licence free music and messaging.
  • Takes any memory size of SD card.
  • Supplied with at least 256 MB memory.
  • Plays mp3 at any bit rate.
  • Easy to self-load with music.
  • Ready loaded with music and reassurance voice.
  • Includes :┬áSolid core audio lead, RCA (Phono) audio adaptor, self-adhesive Velcro fittings.
  • 2 year replacement warranty.
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