Viking 101 Headset

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Viking 101 Headset

The Viking 101 Headset is our entry level monaural headset for business. Viking 101 headset

The Viking 101 Headset

The monaural Viking 101 Headset is suitable for use with most telephones and system types. Therefore making your phone calls go easier and freeing your hands for other productivity enhancing activities such as note taking or typing. This robust headset delivers excellent sound quality and is comfortable to wear during extended call periods due to its’ soft ear cushion, flexible boom arm and adjustable headband. These cost effective, high quality headsets have enabled businesses throughout the UK to increase their productivity and effectiveness, which has in turn allowed them to provide their customers with a an improved service.


  • Weight: 95g.
  • Adjustable metal headband.
  • Leatherette ear cushion.
  • 1.8m part curly cord with release-mute button and clothing clip.
  • Omni-directional telescopic tube microphone.
  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Quick disconnect.
  • Clothing clip.
  • Acoustic shock protection earpiece.
  • User replaceable: headband, microphone tube, bottom cord.
  • Fitted with 4p4c plug.
  • 12 Month replacement warranty.


Furthermore the Viking 101 Headset is compatible with the following system types: Avaya | Ercisson LG | Mitel | Shoretel | Panasonic | BT | Toshiba  

Positioning your Headset

The Viking 101 is provided with one cushioned receiver, through which you are able to hear the telephone conversation. A three-quarter headband with a temple support pad on the other side for comfort and firmness. The receiver can be used on either ear, as the headband is fully adaptable for a custom fit. The headband should be placed across the top of your head. To correctly position the receiver place it over the centre of your ear, being careful to take your hair out of the way. Place the three-quarter headband wherever it is most suitable for you. Yet if your headset does not fit properly. Therefore we suggest you bend the metal part of the headband slightly to make the fit tighter or looser. You may also use the Viking 101 as a handset and this is done by simply rotating the headband out of the way and holding the receiver to your ear. Also make sure that you move your hair out of the way and that the voice tube is correctly positioned near the corner of your mouth.

Adjusting the Voice Tube

Furthermore, It is important to position the voice tube correctly to enable people to hear you clearly and reduce the chance that any background noise will disturb the conversation. You are able to adjust the voice tube in two ways: (a) by rotating it at the point where it joins the receiver; and (b) by pulling or pushing to adjust its length. The voice tube should be placed approximately 2cm away from and below your bottom lip.

Quick Release ‘Walk Away’ Connector

The Viking 101 is equipped with a miniature Quick Release connector. Therefore this enables you to put a call on hold and carry out tasks away from the telephone without removing your headset. Hold each half of the connector firmly and pull straight apart. The call will not be disconnected. When you return to your telephone, rejoin the two halves of the connector, and continue your conversation.

Mute Button

There is a mute button on the side of the Quick Release connector.

Clothing Clip

Most noteworthy, attach the clothing clip onto your clothes at chest level. Therefore press the cable clamp ends in to suit the amount of flexibility in the cord. The cord between the headset and the clothing clip should have enough flexibility to ensure that head movements do not disturb the headset. If the clothing clip is used properly, it will keep the weight of the cord from affecting the firmness of fit of the headset.

Care of your Headset

Also periodically clean the leatherette ear cushion, voice tube, headband and temple support pad with a soft damp cloth or wet wipe. Whenever the headset user changes, you should replace the leatherette ear cushion and thoroughly clean all other parts. We recommend that the ear cushion should be changed every six months to maintain high standards of hygiene and comfort.


The Viking 101 has a one-year guarantee. In the event of a fault in manufacture then please contact us. The guarantee is invalidated if the unit is tampered with subject to misuse, negligence or accidental damage. No liability is accepted for consequential loss of any kind.

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