Telephone System Consultation Service

An expert ‘needs based analysis’ is the first step in ensuring that you get the right system in place for your unique circumstances. That’s why we offer expert consultancy services, providing independent advice and support to help you improve the effectiveness of your business communication systems.

We at 1st Communications understand how important it is for you to provide a top quality service to your customers. The experience and resources we have available will help you deliver just that, whether you are a start-up seeking guidance or an established operation looking for improvements in the way you communicate with your customers, we will deliver tangible results which make a positive impact on your business.

With our ‘Nortel Networks Design Expert’ Accreditation, we ensure that the ‘Best of Breed’ products coupled with our unique expertise provide you with the solution that you desire for your communication needs, helping to ensure that you make the most of your investment, now and in the future.

We offer consultancy on a wide range of issues including, but not limited to:

  • Communications Strategy Formulation.
  • System Health Checks.
  • System Audits.
  • System Reviews to help ensure organisational growth is fully catered for.

Our consultancy service is aimed at any business looking to:

  • Increase the reliability of their existing network.
  • Take advantage of their existing network.
  • Take advantage of new technologies eg. wireless.
  • Upgrade their existing network.
  • Implement a new application.
  • System Reviews to help ensure organisational growth is fully catered for.

1st Communications is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service, which recognise the individual needs of our clients.

To save your organisation time and money, please contact us or phone us on 0800 0684 880 and let us help you.