Telephone System Disaster Recovery Service

A disaster recovery system from 1st Communications will allow you to preserve your customer relationships, meet your essential business objectives and minimise any potential costs.

When thinking about disaster recovery, many organisations place a lot of emphasis on their data and any potentially devastating losses that they could experience. Often people forget how important it is to have a working communication system that allows you to communicate with your customers, fellow employees, suppliers and other stakeholders seamlessly when a disaster happens. Ensuring that you are able to keep your lines of communication open even when things go wrong is vital, especially in this day and age. The losses that businesses can make when their telephone system goes down for any period of time can be considerable.

1st Communications can work with you to ensure that your business will be able to continue operating with minimum disruption when a disaster happens. We typically install a ‘like for like’ system on temporary cabling at a new location (if necessary) within two working days.

For added piece of mind, please contact us or request a callback. Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 0684 880 for immediate help and advice about the 1st Communications Disaster Recovery Service.