Telephone System Maintenance Service

1st Communications head office is centrally situated in the City of London, therefore enabling our highly trained engineers to provide a prompt and effective service to all of our customers.

1st Communications Telephone Maintenance helps you reduce your organisational costs, minimise risk of downtime and gain the convenience of a single point of contact for the support of your Telephone System.

The 1st Communications Maintenance Service includes support plan options tied to SLA’s as well as individual plans for technical support, repair, spares management and software release subscription services. This allows you, as an organisation, to get the best support services and priority you need depending on the criticality of your telephone system to your business.

The 1st Communications Telephone System Maintenance Service provides:

  • Competitively priced service solutions for your Telephone System.
    • Your organisation can enjoy the benefits of competitive, customised pricing solutions that will last the lifetime of your telephone system.
    • You will be better able to forecast and budget for your telephone system maintenance expenses, rather than pay fluctuating amounts on an ad hoc basis.
    • You can reduce the overall cost of your telephone system maintenance by taking advantage of our regular, proactive technical support.
    • You can take advantage of our economies of scale to ensure that you get the best service for the least possible cost.
  • A Single point of contact for your communications networks.
    • You can leverage 1st Communication’s industry expertise and supplier relationships to gain a reliable single point of contact for your telephone system and communication network needs.
    • You can rely on our well trained, qualified technicians to provide consistent, reliable and efficient support for your telephone system.
  • Proactive support on maintenance agreements.
    • You can rely on immediate technical support through our proactive telephone system maintenance service.
  • Reliable support for your network tied to a Service Level Agreement (SLA).
    • We have a number of telephone system maintenance support options available for you to choose from, ranging from basic support for when things go wrong to complete, outsourced telephone system support and maintenance.

Our response and clearance times are continually monitored by our quality assurance department to ensure reported faults are cleared within the contracted time.

Maintenance can also be provided on a call out basis by going to our dedicated technical support section. Please look at

Please look at our 1st Communications Maintenance Plans for more.