Our range of dedicated VoIP gateways helps you drive down the total cost of business communications, integrating new VoIP systems with your existing equipment.

1st Communication’s technical know-how and non-stop support mean that VoIP works, first time, every time.

We collaborate with service providers, technology and channel partners to enable easy integration with existing systems.

1st Communications VoIP Gateway Solutions

Key benefits of VoIP Gateway include:

  • Voice over IP allows you to make intra-company calls at no cost.
  • VoIP can reduce the cost of external phone calls.
  • Our VoIP Gateways work alongside your existing telephony infrastructure. So there is no need to replace working equipment.
  • Our VoIP Gateways can use ordinary analogue phones, or connect to your phone system.
  • Using VoIP will make the most of your resident data network.
  • By piggybacking phone call transmission with data routing, the existing packet pipe is optimised. Voice packets occupy negligible space compared to data, so the incremental bandwidth needed to send voice is minimal and cost effective.
  • VoIP will extend most of your PBX capabilities to all corporate affiliates and even individual home workers should you require it to.