Do you want to save on your energy costs?

We are here to help manage your energy contracts, saving you time and money. 1st Communications goes out to market for prices, negotiating directly with suppliers for the best price and product in the market for you. Save money. Benefit from 1st Communications’s expertise. Let us do the hard work for you. 1st Communications enjoys strong purchasing power, having built and maintained relationships with all major UK energy suppliers.

The service is FREE.  Even if you are under contract, we can arrange future contracts with the most suitable supplier whilst market prices are low, saving you money and protecting you against future increases. What we need:

 All that we require to quote is a copy of a recent energy bill. The process:  We will go out to market to find the best prices, send you a recommended deal for your energy, then if you’d like to go ahead, we’ll do all the work for you. We will then manage all paperwork including termination notices, new contract connections and renewals. So in summary:

  • Reduce your energy costs.
  • Minimise your involvement to simply signing an LOA and quick click contract.
  • Work with a leading UK energy company with strong purchase power! Save time and money with 1st Communiations.


We also offer a switch and save service on your water bills.  Click here to find out more.

Case Studies
See below examples of savings we have made for a range of customers on their energy bill, varying from a small hotel to an industrial warehouse.
Small Hotel
Customer was spending £33,396 for two gas meters per annum. We analysed the market & switched the customer’s supplier. New deal: 2 year contract with a saving of £12,640 per year for the customer. Total saving £25,280.
Currently spending £12,642 a year and using 250184 kWh. Placed them into a 2 year contract with SSE saving them £2353 per year. 20.05% saving.
Commercial Offices and Industrial Plant
Customer currently spending £39986 per annum on electricity. Placed them into a new contract with Eon saving them £1450 per annum. 3.63% against current spend.
Industrial Warehouse
Customer currently spending £1.1m and using 13,138,318 kWh per annum on electricity. Placed them into a new contract with BG saving them £110,388 per annum. 9.84% against current spend.
Agricultural Vehicle Supplier
Customer was out of contract on both gas and electricity, placed them in a 36 month contract with SSE saving them £21,000 on the electricity and £70,000 on the gas over the term of the contract.
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