1st Communications Services

Voice and Fax Services

Telephone Line Rental

The days of having to go to BT for your telephone lines are over. 1st Communications can now take over your existing lines so you have one less bill and one less supplier to manage. There are a number of advantages in choosing 1st Communications to provide your telephone lines.

  • A 10% discount on standard BT tariffs.
  • A Single Point of Contact for faults on calls and lines.
  • One less bill and supplier to manage.
  • Helpful and knowledgeable people on hand to help you.

There is no physical change to your existing telephone lines. The only change is that 1st Communications bills your line rental and you call 1st Communications to report faults.

We at 1st Communications can also provide new lines with the same 10% discount against standard BT tariffs.

Telephone Calls

For most businesses, the telephone remains the most effective and commonly used method of communication. With 1st Communications, you can save money on your telephone calls either by connecting directly to our supplier (direct voice services) or by programming your phone system to route calls via our combination of suppliers (switched voice services).

Direct Voice Services

By connecting your telephone system to our switch via a leased line, you can enjoy a high quality service at greatly reduced prices. In addition to saving you money on your outbound calling, 1st Communications can design, implement and manage a variety of inbound services which will greatly improve your efficiency and profitability.

Switched Voice Services

With switched voice services you enjoy a high quality service with the attraction of lower rates and the more personal service than you would find elsewhere.

Implementation is extremely simple, you can either have your telephone system reprogrammed, you can have an autodailer installed, you can choose Carrier Pre-selection (programming in the BT exchange) or choose a combination of these options.

Within hours of ordering you can be feeling the benefits of lower call charges, both in the UK and overseas. Every rate plan created by 1st Communications is unique to your business, meaning we can tailor a package that includes discounts where you can get the greatest benefit.

Non-Geographic Numbers

Non-geographic numbers (NGNs) come in various forms, from Freephone services (0800), through to local (0845) and national (0870) rated numbers, to premium (090) rated services. What all non-geographic numbers have in common is their potential to improve your business.

There are many benefits of non-geographic numbers. The primary one for most businesses is that of perception; whereas a standard telephone number associates you with a specific location, a non-geographic number very much creates the feel of a national or wide area operation.

If you move office, want your calls answered in another office or want your calls to be answered elsewhere at certain times of the day, changing where your non-geographic number calls are answered is quick and easy. This extends the life of your sales and marketing material, saves you from reprinting company stationary, avoids the need to pay call forwarding charges and, importantly, ensures clients can continue to contact you.

Fax to Email

This fax service will allow you to receive fax messages directly to your email via a personal number. This has major benefits where faxes are sent to individuals rather than a group such as ‘accounts’ and where staff travel a lot and not tied to a single office or location.

Email to Fax

This service allows anyone with an Internet email account to send faxes at a fraction of the cost of conventional faxing. There is no need to print the page, walk to the fax machine, wait for it to be free and wait to send the fax. Simply send an email message to our fax servers and we will send it to the destination you require.

Fax Broadcast

1st Communications’ fax broadcast service can transmit 1,000’s of faxes, each one individually addressed, within minutes to any destination in the world. Distribution lists can be maintained and stored on our server, simplifying the task of broadcasting fax messages.

For more on our numerous Voice and Fax Services, please contact us. Alternatively you can call us on 0800 0684 880.